Chinese Slipper

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An older Chinese woman once showed me the result of her feet being bound as she was growing up.

The slippers that she could then wear were an evolved, elegant art form but demonstrated the harm of prioritising an aesthetic over human well-being. This sculpture seeks to capture, very simply, the elegance of the form of the slipper. I have painted it white to signify the bloodless elitism of this priority and its denial of the beauty of the individual.

This sculpture can be produced in another iteration but being handmade, it will be different. I would be happy to discuss how it could differ if you are considering asking me to make a unique one for you.

You are most welcome to arrange a time with me to visit my Sydney studio, in a COVID safe way, so you can see the sculpture before you buy it.

Material: Hoop Pine. Height 190 mm Width 640 mm Depth 245 mm

Artist: Roger Apte