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I think that we all abbreviate what we see, as a way to simplify our daily lives. We often 'see' to identify type rather than to appreciate the actual form of things.

These six sculptures are an experiment to see if we can perceive things differently by seeing the true shape of their parts.

The closing and opening of the door on each sculpture allows us to see less or more of the contents, to forget and then see afresh.

These works can be mounted vertically, horizontally on a wall or simply sit on a surface.

Materials: The sculpture inside is a one-off form plated with 24k gold.

Dimensions for each box are: Height 230 mm Width 200 mm Depth 135 mm.

You are most welcome to arrange a time with me to visit my Sydney studio, in a COVID safe way, so you can see the sculpture before you buy it.

The price quoted is for pick-up at the studio door and I can arrange prices for packing and transport if needed too.

Artist: Roger Apte