Swaddled Newborn

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Soft curves and a white swaddled form invite the viewer to touch this sleeping sculpture.

Material: Wombeyan Marble on a Yass Black Marble base.

This Wombeyan Marble is from NSW and is the result of the slow crystallization of metamorphosed limestone after volcanic heat.

The small white areas of this Yass Black marble are the forms of sea creatures which inhabited the ancient seas which covered Australia. Now long gone, they left their calcium carbonate-rich bodies to be sedimented, becoming limestone. This limestone was then transformed into marble by later volcanic metamorphosis. Through all this change you can still see these creatures.

You are most welcome to arrange a time with me to visit my Sydney studio, in a COVID safe way, so you can see the sculpture before you buy it.

The price quoted is for pick-up at the studio door and I can arrange prices for packing and transport if needed too.

Artist: Roger Apte