The Robe

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The Robe is a sister to a commissioned sculpture, The Evening Gown.

This sculpture is meant to be touched and with that connection you experience an added enjoyment of the work. I love the dynamism of curves and the way they take your eye around a piece. This work has a vital yet elegant substance and from it I hope you will get a sense of the person who would be wearing it.

The finish is hand-worked plaster, ready to take a range of finishes. My preference would be for the sculpture to be finished in an Axolotl 'Applied Metal' as seen here,

Contact me to discuss the finish options and prices which would suit your space.

The Robe is designed to be placed inside but can be sited outside, depending upon the location.

Height: 145cm

Width: 40cm

Depth: 40cm

If you would like to know more, please contact me through the shop or on +61419360036.